Case studies and Clinical trials

Case studies can be defined as the intensive study of any particular individual, community or group in which the researcher analyses several variables to derive a conclusion. Case studies are the best way to study any particular field by getting a practical overview of the respective case. Case studies do not have any set of procedures to follow. It helps another person to gain practical knowledge and help them to enhance or improve their own ability to perform the same task with better precision.
Clinical trials are the study that concludes how safe the treatments, tests, and medicine are.


  • Neurology Case Studies
  • Neurosurgery Case Studies
  • Parkinson's Case Studies
  • Epilepsy Case Studies
  • Alzheimer's Case Studies
  • Movement Disorder Case Studies
  • Neurology Clinical Trials
  • Neurosurgery Clinical Trials
  • Parkinson's Clinical Trials
  • Epilepsy Clinical Trials
  • Alzheimer's Clinical Trials
  • Movement Disorder Clinical Trials

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