Neuroimmunology is the study of links between neuroscience and immunology both fields of medicine. It deals with relation to the central nervous system or nervous system with immunology. The term Neuroimmunology is coined in the 1960s. In various Neurological disorders, neuroinflammation and neuroimmune activation have played a major role in understanding the etiology of these disorders.

Neuroimmunologists are the individuals who are supposed to understand these two complex disciplines and draw various conclusions to find the exact causes of the change happening during various neurological disorders, neurological disease, or neurological injury. This research area is rapidly developing and providing us the basic and complex both information to advance the researches of Neurology and Neuroscience to treat neurological disorders in a better way to save many lives.


  • Neuroinflammation
  • Research in neuroimmunology
  • Auto Immune Neuropathies
  • Neuroimmunological disorders

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