Cognitive Neuroscience

Cognitive neuroscience investigates the cognitive function that emerges from the physiochemical activity of neurons in the brain. It is associated with the study of the biological processes and various aspects that trigger cognition, with an explicit focus on the neural connections in the brain which are involved with mental processes. This is definitely at the intersection of psychology and neuroscience. Research in this field mostly focuses on the neural mechanisms of perception, selective attention, memory, language, emotion and consciousness for the better understanding the patients with brain damage and also to understand how the healthy brain changes with aging.

Market Analysis: During the forecast period, the Neuroscience market is expected to increase at a CAGR of roughly 4.1 percent. Rising illness burden of brain-related disorders, innovation in the field of neuroscience and neuro-technology, and increasing R&D spending and government support are some of the factors driving market expansion.

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