Neuropathology, being an integral part of anatomic pathology, is to study the nervous system diseases. This study can be in smaller surgical biopsies or can be studied as whole-body autopsies. Neuropathology has been involved in and playing a key role in characterizing the pathogenesis of neurological disorders.

Neuropathology has played a key role in providing major insights into the pathophysiology of Multiple Sclerosis and neuropathology of neurodegenerative disorders in an adult include nonspecific and disease-specific changes.

Neuropathologists are the physician having specialization in autonomic pathology but they have undergone training of neuropathology for an additional two years. Neuropathologists can handle autonomic pathology, autonomic pathology testing on nervous system tissues as well as neurological or neuromuscular pathology.


  • Neuropathology of Neurodegenerative disorders
  • Neuropathology of Aging
  • Neuropathology of Neuro-Oncology
  • Neuropathology of Brain Tumor
  • Neuropathological techniques
  • Treatment and advancement in neuropathology
  • Neuropathology approaches
  • Clinical Neuropathology
  • Functional Neuroanatomy

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