Neuroscience is to address and research the function and structure of the nerve cells and fibers which comprises to form of the nervous system. It is a multifaceted and rapidly growing field of biology that looks into the function and structure of the brain and nervous system.

Neuroscience is a sphere where we study the combination of psychology and biology to the extent to understand the physical connection, psychological changes and study of neurological conditions with the brain, that how the brain perceives these changes and connections.

The sphere of Neuroscience encompasses cellular and molecular biology, development, evolution, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and medical specialty of the nervous system, computational neuroscience, behavioral neuroscience, and cognitive neuroscience.

Neuroscience works closely with the field of engineering, linguistics, mathematics, medicine, psychology, physiology, computer science, and chemistry. Neuroscientists are the researchers who specialize in this branch of biology, Neuroscience, which deals with molecular, biochemistry, physiology and anatomy of the nervous system. They do their research by carrying out and framing the experiments to understand the function of the nervous system and its structure, especially associated with behavior and learning.

Neuroscience and its scope has been expanded exponentially, a consequence of new research being done in this field, from molecular and cellular studies of neurons and to do diagnostic imaging and imaging of brain responses to various changes. Neuroscience is contributing a lot to Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry and other Neuro-related disciplines.


  • Behavioral neuroscience
  • Clinical neuroscience
  • Computational neuroscience
  • Cognitive neuroscience
  • Developmental neuroscience
  • Neuroimaging